Helpful Storage Unit Tips For Moving

Published on 2/18/2022

Tips for Moving

A filled storage unit with concrete floors

As you prepare to move, you may find yourself buried in a sea of things. Only when you need to start packing will you realize how many things you have. Many items can be an aggravating factor when moving, especially if you are relocating on short notice or across long distances. The solution to this is to consider using storage units. A wide range of storage units can accommodate your household items, no matter how many you have. When you make the decision to store things, our storage unit tips for moving will come in handy.

So here are some storage tips you may need when you are moving.

Declutter Your Items

The first thing you need to do when planning to move is to clear up your stuff. Why pay more for moving or storage for things you don't need? So, the first thing is to declutter your house. Take your time and dedicate yourself to dividing items into four piles:
  • packing
  • storage
  • donation
  • throwing away
Throwing away damaged, spoiled, and unusable items will significantly reduce the number of things you need to relocate. Items that are in good condition, but you no longer need, you can donate to charity or sell. Also, be aware that there are items you mustn't keep in your self-storage unit, so think of another solution for them. And in the end, you have to deal with the two probably the biggest piles of stuff - for packing (for moving to a new home) and storage.

A young couple sitting and reading storage unit tips for moving
Creating a storage inventory list will help you be better organized.

Make an inventory list for storage

One of the most useful storage unit tips for moving is listing all the belongings you will store. It doesn't have to be a very demanding job, and it will make packing and moving much easier. Also, if you create an inventory for storage, you will have a clear overview you have packed. And it will be easier for you to find things you need. A smart solution is to color-code your list and mark the boxes the same way. This will make it easier for you to recognize where everything in storage is by looking at the color.

Consider the size and type of storage unit

Depending on the number of items you will store, you will also need different sizes of storage units. If you are going to pack bulky items such as furniture or have a lot of items to store, you will need a larger storage unit. On the other hand, if you have fewer things, it is better to choose a smaller one and save money. Depending on what you will store and how safe you want it to be, you can choose different types of storage. For most things, traditional storage units will be appropriate. However, if you want special protection from temperature or humidity for some things, moving and storage experts at Spyder Moving advise renting a climate-controlled storage unit. If you want your belongings to be preserved as you left them, you must rent the appropriate storage units. When you decide which storage units you need, reserve them on time. This way, you will ensure a safe place for your belongings.

A pile of postcards and books ready for storage
If you are planning to store sensitive items such as pictures, postcards and valuable books, consider using a climate control storage unit.

Pack efficiently

The trick to successful packaging is to make sure you pack things in groups - similar items together. It will be easier for you to pack them in boxes in that way. Also, try to take everything apart before packing; things are less likely to get damaged when they are disassembled. But still, carefully wrap the fragile items. In the boxes, be sure to put protective paper or Styrofoam to fill in any gaps between items. This is one of the very important storage unit tips for moving because only things that are adequately packed can be safe.

Seek the assistance of an expert

As much as you have the will to finish everything yourself, sometimes that is not enough. Don't be ashamed to seek help from people who are experienced in their work. Professionals who work at storage facilities are more than capable of helping you find the ideal solution for your items. On the other hand, you will also likely need help with your relocation. If you are planning to move out of Tennessee and settle down in Missouri, there are many aspects you need to have in mind. So, before you before you leave Tennessee for good, make sure to hire a trusted moving company. Reliable movers will help you make your long-distance move go smoothly and without any problems, so consider asking for the help of movers when you relocate.

A woman puts a label on a storage box
Use storage unit tips for moving for an easier organization - mark all boxes with color or label.

Keep things organized inside your storage

When arranging your belongings in storage, take care of the schedule. Make sure you pack things in a logical order. Leave the items you will need soon easily accessible. Do not place them behind large boxes that you will not be able to move easily. Put big and heavy items down, so you can put some lighter ones on them. To be able to find things when you need them, keep the storage unit organized. And you will find it much easier if everything is in place.

In Conclusion

These few storage unit tips for moving should make it easier for you to pack and organize your unit when you move. Make sure to find a secure storage facility near you and ask experts for advice. With everything in order, your long-distance relocation will go smoothly and stress-free.