How College Students can Benefit from Self-Storage

Published on 6/29/2022

Self Storage for College Students

Young people who understand how college students can benefit from self-storage

Most college students need to manage their finances carefully. Your parents may support you, but you often don't have much to spend with all the expenses. Is it a good idea, then, to invest in storage space? Well, yes! And here is how college students can benefit from self-storage to show you why!

Storing old study material

The first way college students can benefit from self-storage is by using it to store old course books and notebooks. One thing you need to know about college is that every new year of studies builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous one. It makes it necessary to either somehow learn everything by heart or revise frequently. And the only way to revise efficiently would be to keep all the study material you had used in the past. Naturally, the sheer volume of study material accumulated after a few years of courses makes this a daunting task. Students often live in small apartments, so having space for books and notebooks you are not using is not viable. Thus, one of the top reasons for self-storage in this scenario would be having a safe and well-maintained location to put away study material until you need it.

Old books
If you're studying history or literature, you may also need to handle old or valuable books

Space limitations

As we've mentioned already, most college students live in cramped apartments. There is not enough space to store all useful belongings there. If you live in a tiny (and therefore cheaper) flat, you may not even be able to keep your out-of-season clothing within it. Having a storage unit that you can rely on near your apartment would allow you to easily reach it and access a much wider range of items. This means you would not need to figure out how to get something from your parents' home when you need it. Few college students attend college near their own homes. Most go to a different city, and some go to another state altogether. Making a trip there and back wouldn't be possible very often under such circumstances, which is another way college students can benefit from self-storage.

cramped apartment
Even with enough funds, it isn't easy to find a spacious apartment up for rent in popular college towns

Flexible moving

Moving between apartments or dormitories is something one tends to experience often as a college student. It can happen due to wanting to share a flat with someone, roommate disagreements, having your dorm room changed by the college or other reasons. And few things are as annoying as having to move a ton of stuff quickly, as you would typically have to do during such moves. After all, it is only possible to organize a move during a weekend or some holiday when classes are off unless you want to miss out on your lectures. When moving into a college apartment, you can ease the transition by temporarily putting things into storage. You can move gradually by transferring items when you have time and opportunity instead of having to do it all at once.

Playing the guitar
You do not want a valuable, beloved instrument damaged or stolen due to carelessness!

Better protection of belongings

Sometimes, the most significant benefit of using a self-storage unit is protecting your belongings. Now, this can refer to damage and theft. Dorms are not safe spaces where you can keep anything valuable without worrying. And if you are living in a cramped space, you might be worried about breaking or damaging something accidentally. Of course, a second option is having temperature-sensitive or particularly frail items. For example, you do not want to keep an expensive instrument in an apartment which does not have good temperature control, especially if you do not use it often. Granted, this does mean you would need to rent out a temperature-controlled unit and learn how to store items safely. Winter tips for self-storage are particularly useful in this scenario since the season poses many unique challenges.

More easily resuming classes

There is one thing college students both look forward to fervently and yet often dread – summer breaks. The reason students look forward to it is obvious. Everyone needs a break now and then, and not having to worry about exams, midterms, and assignments is a glorious feeling. However, knowing that you need to pack up a bunch of stuff if you want to go back home is still a daunting feeling. Not to mention that dorms often do not accept residents over summer break, meaning you would need to cart everything home and then to college again once classes resume. As the experts from point out, frequently moving things long distances is an excellent way to damage them. So, it is better to find a conveniently located storage unit and stash your belongings away there!

Roommate concerns

Picking out a roommate is a very delicate balancing act. On the one hand, finding random people is obviously a bad idea. On the other, if you decide to live with close friends and the relationship sours, you can lose a precious friendship. At the same time, either decision might mean your belongings are in danger. You do not want to leave some stuff around unsupervised if you cannot fully trust your roommates, and they can easily gain access to your room. Still, there is a more benign reason you might want to look for a self-storage unit near you. Namely, there is way less space for your stuff with more people living together. Sometimes it is better to take a step back and leave more room for your roommates.

Final Words

Now that you know how college students can benefit from self-storage, it should be evident that it is worth the additional expenses. With a storage unit, you can do many things and make life easier for yourself. At the same time, this would help reduce the stress and pressure of college life!