Self Storage Unit Size Guide

A unit that is perfect for those with a one bedroom or studio apartment. These self storage units will fit a large piece of furniture or two, such as a couch or bed, and around 10-15 boxes. 
These medium sized units are the size of a large bedroom. Furniture, boxed items, and major appliances of a typical two bedroom apartment will fit in these self storage units. 

A self storage unit of this size will easily hold the contents of a one bedroom home or a three bedroom apartment. This is a great hybrid option for those with more than a medium unit but not enough for a large unit. 

This large unit is perfect for those looking to move or remodel a larger home. Also perfect for a semi permanent self storage solution for too many items in the home: line with shelves or space out items for easy organization and access to stored items. 
Outdoor parking for an RV, boat, or trailer. These spaces are 10' wide and items up to 40' long can easily park in these spaces. They are perfect for those who don't have the extra space or want to free up space at their residence. 
Covered parking for an RV, boat, or trailer. These spaces are under a three sided building with spaces at 15' wide and 45' deep. Prefect for protecting your investment from damaging overexposure to weather and sunlight.